Realms of Gold

Realms of Gold
Here is Beep's take on the classic "match-3" game. Match three or more pieces to move our hero, Odysseus across the board. Get him through the doorway one step closer to home on his epic journey. Negotiate obstacles use powerups, find keys and collect treasure to complete this legendary story. This game is based on fancy literature, so you know it's good for you. No game from Beep would be complete without a fine musical score by our illustrious court composer, Steve Kirk. Realms of Gold can be downloaded from RealArcade.

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Word Spiral

Word Spiral
Get your vocabulary in gear and your brain twisted around Beep's fabulous word game. Create words on a flowing, shifting spiral to fill in crossword puzzles using three different modes of play. Solve extra bonus words to fill five beaches with pretty things, 'cause... beaches... are nice? Well, they are. Download Word Spiral from RealArcade today.

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Four Houses
Four Houses
Enjoy tranquil music and beautiful artwork as you match rows of items, numbers and colors. Four Houses begins simply but soon reveals devilish board designs, seven different power-ups and tricky obstacles of bamboo and stone. This game features the amazing artwork of Rhonda Conley and the ever groovular music of Steve Kirk. Download Four Houses from Oberon Games and give it a try today!
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Yes! There is another download game from Beep Industries. Zodiac has been unleashed on the ususpecting casual gamers of the world. The game combines elements of pool, marbles and match-3 puzzle goodness. The lush graphics and zesty music by Steve Kirk are both Beep calling cards. Zodiac is published by the good folks at Oberon Games. Try it today and you'll say, "This is a game I played."

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Flying Leo
Beep's first downloadable PC game, Flying Leo is now available. The game is
based on Leonardo DaVinci's visionary flying machines. Players fly and
explore using wind currents to propel their craft, all the while avoiding
hostile critters and the cold, hard ground. Follow this handy link to
and check it out. The first hour of play is free.

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Voodoo Vince
Our first game, Voodoo Vince, is still available... somewhere. In case you wondered, the overwhelming hype and cutting edge marketing you've seen on sugar packets and bathroom walls is all true. Play magazine gave Voodoo Vince an "A," and most of our friends and relatives have very positive things to say as well. If you like funny, offbeat character platformers with nifty mini-games and vehicles, Voodoo Vince is for you. Buy two million copies and we'll throw in Voodoo Vince 2* for free!

*Once we actually make it.
Offer not valid in Minnesota, Kentucky and Bora Bora.

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